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QBS-Quick Billing Solutions is one of the leading Medical billing company that provide complete Medical billing, Medical Coding, Credentialing, Insurance Enrollment and comprehensive end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management solutions to the healthcare sector.

Our Goal is to build a Medical Billing Company that solve every problem from single coding error to provider insurance for our Clients long term Sustainable Growth with real effect of raising revenue cycle.
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Professional Approach - Commitment and Dedication - Self Motivated Teams - Ability to Handle Challenges

A Boutique of Medical Billing Experience


QBS-Quick Billing Solutions is a part of your Medical Practice, Your Billing Department in another location! We are always working For & With you to handle the stress of Billing.



Quick billing solution design teams combine the top talent available internationally. Each team has a history of demonstrated results and recognized education and certification milestones. We encompass Platforms Tools, Methods and Processes, Integration and Implementation, Testing and Quality Assurance, and finally, Operations and Remote Maintenance.

In medical billing, you need a trusted partner to take responsibility of the claim once it leaves your hands by scrubbing the claim and ensuring proper and timely payment is received. It can become an overwhelming challenge for a practice to run their day to day operations while keeping up to date with the ever changing demands of billing. Transparency and communication are keys to success and we provide both. With your assigned account manager, we provide you with accessibility when it’s convenient for you

Our Services

  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • RCM
  • Hospital Billing
  • Laboratory Billing
  • Nursing Home Billing
  • In & out of Network
  • Claim Submission & Appeal
  • Payment Posting-EOB/ERA
  • Denial Management
  • A/R Follow Up
  • Streamlining Work Flow
  • Identifying Gaps Cause lower Revenue
  • Providing Transparency
  • Communication

Billing Specialities


QBS- QUICK BILLING SOLUTIONS is one of the leading multi-specialty billing companies that serve’s 30+ major medical billing specialties. QBS can efficiently manage all the medical billing needs. The QBS team is good at handling several specialties. We have a team of medical billing specialists who have the required skill set and expertise to deliver the best quality services. Our team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the following medical billing specialties..

✅Allergy / Immunology Cardiology ✅Anesthesia / Pain Management ✅Behavioral Health / Psychiatry ✅Cardiovascular
✅Dermatology Endocrinology
✅General Surgery
✅Geriatric Care
✅Hand Surgery Infectious Diseases
✅Imaging Centers / Radiology
✅Internal Medicine
✅Interventional Pain
✅Oncology / Radiation Oncology
✅Orthopedic Surgery
✅Orthopedic Pulmonary Diseases
✅Otolaryngology (ENT)
✅Emergency Room
✅ENT Genital System
✅Family Practice

✅Nephrology Neurosurgery
✅Neuro-musculoskeletal Medicine
✅Physical Medicine
✅Primary Care
✅Pulmonary Medicine

Let The QBS Get You Off To The Right Start


Easy and speedy Reimbursement, average return in 14 days.
Avoid the costs and headaches of doing your own medical billing.
Our client’s payment on the first submission is 95.5%.
Prompt and accurate claim submission within 24 hours.
Conduct accurate coding to avoid claims rejection.
Completion of Credentialing process with Insurance Companies & Follow-Up.
Increase percentage of collection.
Reduced denials & Prompt follow up on denied claim.

Come Join Us

What will QBS do for your Medical Billing needs!

✅ Review new patient demographic and insurance information. Request any item that may have not been included.

✅ Post all medical billing charges, per super bills or hospital face sheets.

✅ Verify that all fees, codes and modifiers are correct.

✅ Transmit medical billing claims electronically.

✅ Verify the next morning that transmissions have been received by various insurance companies.

✅ For insurance companies that do not accept electronic billing, printed HCFA are directly mailed to those insurance companies.

✅ Post all payments by line item.

✅ Appeal all denials, when warranted.

✅ Bill secondary insurances when applicable.

✅ Continuous telephone calls to insurance companies regarding unpaid charges.

✅ Handle all insurance questions and calls.

✅ Mail monthly medical billing statements (with self-addressed envelope) to patients on their responsibility for unpaid balances

✅ Call patients on unpaid balances

✅ Handle all patient calls and questions regarding medical billing statements

✅ Provide day sheet for each package of medical billing work received; detailed by an individual doctor, insurance classification and procedures

✅ Provide monthly and year-to-date reports showing total charges, payments, adjustments and department totals.

✅ Provide monthly account receivable reports detailed by aging, patient paid and insurance classification.

✅ Notify your office monthly of patients with credit balances.

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